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Goodbye Snooze-Fest., Hello learning power!, Mike Schwind - eLearning solutions

Hi, I’m Mike, and I’ve decided to pursue one big idea:

That eLearning could be fun, exciting, and innovating.

I had this crazy idea that the words eLearning and interesting did not have to be mutually exclusive. That’s why I create effective learning experiences that are memorable and unique.

Since 2001

I’ve taken real-world courses and turned them into real-world learning solutions because the last time I checked, no one raves about that “Click to move forward” button. Am I right?



I’ve worked with clients around the world – from the U.S. to Canada to Scotland. And the same rules apply to all. Training should be effective and fun. Because no one likes boring.



I currently spend my days designing and developing world-class eLearning solutions in the corporate world, because everyone deserves unique and fun learning experiences.



01. Let them practice.

The best learning activity is full of opportunities to practice what they just learned. This eLearning module taught the lost art of counting change without using a cash register or computer. Once the concept was taught, the learner had several realistic opportunities to practice counting change after various purchases. Truly, an immersive interactive activity.

02. Let them solve problems.

Effective learning involves opportunities to solve problems using the techniques just acquired. This training activity involved an animated scenario-based approach to learning new skills. The learner must solve a mysterious explosion with the assistance of animated characters acting as subject matter experts as well as on-demand resources.

03. Keep them interested.

This module presents serious content using a whiteboarding technique. Whiteboard animation presents content in a visually stimulating manner that holds the learner’s attention by leading them through the material using robust methods that easily make visual connections in the brain.