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Hi, I’m Mike. A guy who decided to pursue one big idea:  That eLearning could be fun, exciting, and innovating.

Maybe you feel like it’s impossible to invent something truly innovative.

I would have to disagree!

Nice to meet you, I’m Mike Schwind. Just a guy who had a dream that online training didn’t have to hurt, so I dedicated myself to creating powerful solutions for companies and educational organizations that wanted to make a big impact.

Coming from a background in instructional design, I realized that most eLearning courses out in the world had one thing in common: they were boring.

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes when it was time to hop on your company’s compliance training, or let out a groan when you opened up the page-turner template site an eCourse was built on, then you totally get it.

I’ve studied the world of instructional design (and got the degree to prove it). What I love doing is taking real world courses and turning them into real world learning experiences because the last time I checked, no one raves about that “Click to move forward” button. Am I right?

My process is different than what you might expect: I take the expertise I learned in my graduate level training in instructional design (because the way people learn can be broken down into a science) and my years of experience in the trenches building courses, videos, and other multimedia experiences, and teaching others, and took a good hard look at what matters to folks like you and I, and came up with a solution:

Why not create eLearning that is based on real world experiences and that people actually enjoy? 

It was a crazy idea, but I believed in my dream and here I am today.

DEVLEARN Presentation

Click the image to watch a self-running version of my presentation at DEVLEARN talking about giving your eLearning an Animated Makeover.