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Hi, I’m Mike. A guy who decided to pursue one big idea:  That eLearning could be fun, exciting, and innovating.

Maybe you feel like it’s impossible to invent something truly innovative.

I would have to disagree!

Nice to meet you, I’m Mike, otherwise known as SchwindTEC. Just a guy who had a dream that turned into a plan that became a full service multimedia and eLearning company dedicated to creating powerful solutions for companies and educational organizations that want to make a big impact.

Whether you need complete instructional design for a new course you plan to launch, an explainer video or infomercial to present your services to the world, or any other multimedia magic, I’m the guy who can get the job done right.

Coming from a background in instructional design, I realized that most eLearning courses out in the world had one thing in common: they were boring.

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes when it was time to hop on your company’s compliance training, or let out a groan when you opened up the page-turner template site an eCourse was built on, then you totally get it.

I’ve studied the world of instructional design (and got the degree to prove it). What I love doing is taking real world courses and turning them into real world learning solutions because the last time I checked, no one raves about that “Click to move forward” button. Am I right?

My process is different than what you might expect: I take the expertise I learned in my graduate level training in instructional design (because the way people learn can be broken down into a science) and my years of experience in the trenches building courses, videos, and other multimedia experiences, and teaching others, and took a good hard look at what matters to folks like you and I came up with a solution:

Why not create eLearning that is based on real world experiences and that people actually enjoy? 

It was a crazy idea, but I believed in my dream and here I am today.

If you’re sick of boring courses that are completely uninspired in design and form…I’m the guy you need.

Contact me and see what I can do for you.

DEVLEARN Presentation

Click the image to watch a self-running version of my presentation at DEVLEARN talking about giving your eLearning an Animated Makeover.