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Characters for eLearning, 3 Reasons they Rock! thumbnail

“You want to use WHAT?” You can just hear it now, can’t you? (Big booming radio voice guy) “We are a professional company. We are NOT using cartoons to teach our employees” say the big bosses upstairs. Well, guess what? They’re wrong. Shocker right? Animated characters rock. It says it right there in the title… Read More

Make it Relevant! thumbnail

Here’s the deal: It’s time for some tough love. Now before you go clicking the little x at the top of this window hear me out:  I’m about to give you some insight on something and it’s totally free. This is not some magic mumbo jumbo that I’ve learned in my years of eLearning development… Read More

Shall We Play A Game? thumbnail

Do you like to have fun? I like fun. I mean, who doesn’t? I try to have as much fun in everything I do. A good motto to live by is: More fun is good and less fun is bad. Are you with me on this? One of the most popular recent trends in eLearning… Read More

eCourses and Activity…Do it!! thumbnail

I think anyone who has had some kind of training class, or really a class of any kind, has sat for hours, or maybe days, as an instructor clicked through slides on screen and read the information to you like you were a child. We’ve all felt the pain…and it is mega painful. But do… Read More

Oh No! I Made a Mistake! thumbnail

I once worked at a company where a lot of “non-techy” people were hired and asked to learn some very “techy” responsibilities: Coding, inputting of sensitive data which contained private information and changing pricing. This was pretty much the core of the business, and I probably don’t need to tell you, it was a recipe… Read More

Developing an e-Course? Tell Them a Story thumbnail

So you are ready to design an e-course huh? You’ve got some great information to share and years and years of experience. But how do you share your knowledge? How do you “tell your story” in an e-course format? [Tweet "Want a great eLearning course? Tell them a story."] Whenever we develop a course for… Read More

Multimedia + eLearning = Effective eLearning thumbnail

Face it, (hold your breath here) … eLearning can be BORING! There, it’s out in the open. Are you ok?  “It’s too long and dull,” “there’s too much reading,” “I just don’t have time,” come the cries of frustrated learners. We’ve all been there, right? But what if you had some tools to use that… Read More

Making Change for a purchase in your head. A lost art…. thumbnail

Here's a short eLearning module we built that shows the simple task of making change for a purchase in your head. With the help of a computerize cash register and use of debit cards, this is becoming a lost art. Go through this module for a refresher and some practice… Read More

GoAnimate meets Storyline round 2 thumbnail

Here's a demo that shows how to fill out an online auto loan form for a bank. I've used GoAnimate to set the stage with a short scenario, followed by an activity in Storyline that walks you through the process of filling out the loan form, then wrapped up with another GoAnimate video to close… Read More

SchwindTEC 5 year anniversary has Emporia State IDT roots thumbnail

SchwindTEC celebrates 5 years of eLearning prominence in conjunction with the Emporia State University’s, Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) department’s recognition "... as one of the best online programs of its kind in the nation." SchwindTEC’s roots are strongly linked to the IDT innovative teaching styles. SchwindTEC principal owners Mike Schwind, Rob Ervin, and Michael… Read More

SchwindTEC went over and beyond what was asked, helping to identify additional needs, offering suggestions and alternate treatments to make the end product even better.
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