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Characters for eLearning, 3 Reasons they Rock!

“You want to use WHAT?”

You can just hear it now, can’t you? (Big booming radio voice guy) “We are a professional company. We are NOT using cartoons to teach our employees” say the big bosses upstairs. Well, guess what? They’re wrong. Shocker right?

Animated characters rock.

It says it right there in the title. They’re cool. They’re different and they’re FUN. They are not cartoons. Well in a way they are, but we aren’t talking about the Roadrunner and the Coyote here (although THAT could make some cool eLearning huh? (BEEP BEEP). We’ve used animated characters in a variety of situations and topics and have always gotten positive feedback from the learners.

So, here are three reasons why YOU should mix it up and add some cool characters in your next course:

  • They work REALLY CHEAP! That’s something you can use to sell the bosses, huh? You can put these “people” in all kinds of different situations and scenarios and have them do exactly what you want. There’s no expense of hiring actors or grabbing a co-worker and working around everyone’s schedules to shoot your videos. Save time and money.
  • They can be anyone you want them to be! You need an experienced employee to mentor an ambitious new hire? Animated character. Do you need a brand new manager who’s bound to make some mistakes and learn alongside your learner? How about an animated character? (Are you getting the idea here?). Your characters can be experts who teach your learner or a co-worker who learns as they learn. It’s all how you design it.
  • Should learning be fun? Well duh, yes! You can make these characters fun to work with and learn from. Using characters in this way is probably going to surprise your learners but in a good way because it’s not the same old boring thing they’re used to. That’s learning power.

Want to see some animated characters in action? Take 2 minutes and watch this video.



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