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Shall We Play A Game?

Do you like to have fun? I like fun. I mean, who doesn’t? I try to have as much fun in everything I do. A good motto to live by is: More fun is good and less fun is bad. Are you with me on this? One of the most popular recent trends in eLearning has been Gamification. It’s a cool word and and even cooler idea—play a game, have some fun, and learn more. There is even some data to back up the fact that gaming makes people feel more productive.

So what do you do to create a game and have some fun?

Here are some important elements:

  • Develop a good story: We’ve talked about this before in using a good story or relatable scenario. The more creative the better!
  • Let the Learner be in Control: Let them choose a funny name or a character and then let them control their progress. Let them explore on their own.
  • Use a timer: Sometimes this can be a great motivator. The clock can add some intensity to your game, so feel free to use it when you want to up the anty a bit.
  • Good feedback and recognition: Points are a great reward for progress. (remember how excited you were when you got gold stars in elementary school?) People like to score points as adults too. Seriously, sports would suck without them. It’s the way we’re wired so go ahead and add a point system into your eCourse. It shows your learner they are making progress.

Surely no upstanding business would allow their employees to use such learning programs right? Wrong. Unless you think Wal-Mart and McDonald’s don’t count? Yeah, didn’t think so! Both have used these types of trainings and have had positive results. Wal-Mart used it for safety education. McDonald’s used it for a new cash register system. Both had positive results that lasted long after the computer was shut off.

Want to see an example of this in action?

Think about how you can use games your next project. Give your learner a chance to win points, or stars or badges and let them compete against themselves and others.

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