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Are you ready to take your business online with eLearning and multimedia?

If you’ve been looking for an all inclusive solution to your eLearning problem, let us cut to the chase: You’ve found it.

Here at SchwindTEC we’re three guys with big plans (and lots of multimedia gusto). We’ve studied the world of instructional course design, video, and more, and we decided to do the impossible: create eLearning solutions and multimedia experiences that were the most interesting and captivating out there all while maintaining a laid back approach and having fun in the process.

So why did we do it?

We’ll answer your question with a question.

When was the last time you took an eCourse or watched an explainer video that held your attention? (we’ll give you a minute to think…)

We’re guessing it’s been a while, (maybe never?) because let’s face it, most eCourses out there, well, suck.

That’s where we differ from the pack. We take our academic knowledge of instructional design (all three of us have graduate degrees on the matter and are instructors too) and we combine book learning with real world experience. Our street cred includes creating courses and videos for several corporations, government offices, and individuals as well as winning awards for our standout course designs. We know you don’t need a page turner or cookie cutter design. You need a full service solution that is worth the good money you pay to bring your project online.

SchwindTEC is the solution you’ve been looking for.

We are a full service multimedia company meaning you can kiss your DIY days goodbye (as well as sleepless nights wondering whether you missed any details, or whether you could have done it better). We take the entire process off your plate with complete course design, explainer videos, and other multimedia projects. We will work with you until your course is exactly right.

While they say you can’t put a price on learning, we’re happy to do so with a custom quote tailored to your specific needs.

Since each solution we provide is completely unique (no templates here!) we quote each project after speaking with you and getting a feel for what you’re looking for. Please head over to the service page that best describes who you are, and get in touch for your custom quote.


Educational Institutions

If you need to create online courses for your students that not only match your in person courses for content and learning power, but that also captivate your students and inspire them to move ahead, look no further. Our background in instructional design paired with our know-how of all things multimedia means you will have a course that students rave about (we’re not kidding). Whether you’re looking for brand new course development, or course conversion, we’re happy to help.

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Are you looking for corporate compliance training, new hire videos, security training, or explainer videos to tell the world about your product or service? You’ve come to the right place. With experience in a wide array of corporations, you could say we’ve seen it all, and are ready and willing to make your next experience a great one.

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Small Business Entrepreneurs and Individuals

If you’re an entrepreneur, individual instructor, or just someone with big dreams of bringing your expertise online through eLearning and multimedia we can help you get there. Some of our favorite work is taking an entrepreneur’s expertise and getting it up in lights with their very own eCourse, or creating a fun motion graphic video to explain a product or service. If you’ve got big plans to bring multimedia into your brand we can get you there.

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